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May 30, 2024
La industria de influencer marketing ha tenido un crecimiento constante en los últimos años, dando origen a tendencias como los influenciadores digitales, o entidades no humanas que son creadas por diseñadores o programadores a través de inteligencia artificial. Este tipo de infl...
May 30, 2024
The Colombian Truth Commission (2018 to 2022) provides a unique opportunity to delve into the participation of exmilitary personnel and former guerrillas within truth-seeking bodies. While existing literature highlights the importance of their involvement in facilitating the assu...
May 30, 2024
Despite theoretical advancements linking bias, prejudice, and stereotyping to the elicitation of early and late components, supporting evidence in real-life conflict contexts is lacking. This study examines the applicability of previous models in a dyadic context based on differi...
May 30, 2024
There is a growing awareness regarding the potential mental health repercussions stemming from war-related trauma experienced by both civilians and veterans. However, the existing literature has thus far overlooked a crucial aspect: how observable psychological distress may or ma...
May 30, 2024
Ideological indoctrination is a powerful tool for parties in armed conflicts, as they provide a source of motivation for combatants to stay in-group under difficult circumstances, and to perform actions that either put them in the line of risk or defy their personal ethical codes...
May 22, 2024
En los casos de colecistectomía difícil, en los que no se logra alcanzar una vista critica de seguridad, como procedimiento de rescate se recomienda la colecistectomía subtotal o la conversión a colecistectomía abierta, siendo preferida la primera. No obstante, no hay evidencia s...
May 15, 2024
This paper addresses the inherent procyclicality in widely adopted financial risk measures, such as expected shortfall (ES). We propose an innovative approach utilizing the worst-case higher moment (HM) risk measure, which offers a robust solution to distributional shifts by inco...
Systemic risk in decentralized lending(Universidad del Rosario)
Dec 7, 2023
In this project we are interested in understanding the systemic risk that arises from the fact that the technology facilitates the interoperability across the protocols, meaning that there are underlying connections and subsequent effects across different protocols. We map the in...
Nov 21, 2023Emprendimiento, desarrollo de capacidades empresariales e inclusión productiva
Entrepreneurship and informality: Survey of students business attitudes and intentions El proyecto denominado “Emprendimiento, desarrollo de capacidades empresariales e inclusión productiva” tiene como objetivo analizar los factores que determinan la informalidad empresarial, y e...
Oct 19, 2023
Restablecer funciones biopsicosociales que limitan la reconciliación y reconstrucción del tejido social en personas con diferentes grados de exposición a experiencias de conflicto armado a través de intervenciones sociocognitivas que involucran entrenamiento en cognición social,...
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